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The Hydraulics Blog by Trevor Parker: It’s a 4-Wire World

9:12 pm

For many years, hydraulic hose fabrication shops needed to carry only two-wire braided hose. Then four-wire spiral hose became necessary for larger off-road specialty equipment.

Today, it’s a four-wire world….

Twenty years ago, a backhoe operated at about 2,000 psi. Now, a backhoe will operate at twice that pressure. As pressures and service demands increased, it became more important than ever to trust your hose and fitting manufacturer.

Today, even smaller, light duty equipment is designed with four-wire spiral hose – everything from lawn tractors to heavy duty dirt movers. The demands of today’s working schedules require faster, more powerful equipment.

Kotyck Bros. Limited is proud to offer the Gates line of hydraulic hose, fittings, quick disconnects and accessories. Decades of industry leading testing and development separate Gates from other manufacturers in the crowded marketplace and provide Kotyck and our customers with confidence and peace of mind in an increasingly high pressure world.

Please visit our hydraulic hose assembly counter in our Brampton branch for Gates hydraulic hose assemblies while-you-wait .

This marks the first in a series of blogs about hydraulic systems: hoses, fittings, applications, and safety, written by our Brampton Branch manager, Trevor Parker. Trevor brings several years of experience in the Gates Hydraulic Hose and Fitting line. If you have any questions, contact Trevor at the Brampton Branch of Kotyck Bros. Limited.

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